Yahoo Work

Here is some of the UI art and art assets created for Yahoo Games. 
Unfortunately these games are no longer live.

Gift for a friend

A piece I made of my friend's kids. I love watching them grow up! Such curious little creatures..


A little illustration I made for one of my best friends. Hope her little girl sleeps peacefully at night!

Ashley and Mitzi (my grandma)

Just another one of my grandma and her saint bernard "Ashley."

happy birthday grandma!

This was a tag I made for my grandma's 88th birthday party. And yes, she actually dresses like this and likes to call everyone "doll face." She's so awesome.

our best friend, the dentist

Brush your teeth kids! I made this for a friend just to help out with her project.

Kidthing 2.0 cont'd..

homepage illustration
this never made it..
some character poses

a compilation of sketches..

Kidthing 2.0!

Kidthing 2.0 has been released which means I can now show some more of the work I did! Also, if you have young kids, you should check out the website.

Here are the characters that are featured on the website.